Rising Sea (Ocean) levels

We hear about the rising sea or ocean levels almost everyday. We read reports about islands in the pacific that are gradually “sinking” into the ocean. It is true that there will forever be climate changes in this mother earth of ours. It’s natural. Human interventions and abuses do pollute our pristine mother earth, but with education and discipline we are gradually making amends. So what is this “rising” water levels really about?

Scientific data shows that indeed the water levels are rising to about an inch every 10 years and this is at current level of CO2 emissions. But will this consumption of fossil fuel continue to rise without quality control? I doubt it. Filtration systems are being improved, hence trapping CO2 and preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere. Also alternative energy sources are being improved upon. So why is there so much media coverage on this issue? Well just like the old saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”; If nobody talks about this issue, the malicious deprivers will continue burning fuel without improving filtration systems. And the motivation towards alternative energy sources won’t be explored.

Given the fact that humans are improving upon the filtration systems and actively improving upon alternative energies, this “rising sea” level issues will soon fade away.