Walker Folding 2-Button Adult W/5 Wheels Deluxe (Drive) Cs/4 – 1075C4 – Maletsky Health and Wellness

Walker Folding 2-Button Adult W/5 Wheels Deluxe (Drive) Cs/4 – 1075C4


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Easy Release * With 5 wheels * Easy push-button mechanisms may be operated by fingers palms or side of hand * Each side operates independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces and greater stability while standing * Unique U-shape framedesign creates greater clearance * The patient is able to bring the walker closer to assist in standing * Sturdy 1 diameter anodized extruded aluminum construction ensures maximum strength while remaining lightweight * Vinyl contoured hand grip for added comfort * Limited Lifetime Warranty * HCPCS Suggested Code: E0143 (for 1075C) * Height adjustable from 32 -39 * Weight limit 350#

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