Support Collar U-shaped Pillow Custom Neck Scarf Travel Pillow


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Scarf bandanna headband wicks away moisture faster to keep you dry, rock the head/ neck/ wrist to protect skim from the sun or dust in hot days.

To as an extra layer of warmth for your ears, nose, mouth, head, hand and neck in cold day. So you really need the Headwears to keep your health in outdoor activities.


Usage: Body, Travel

Filling: 100% Cotton

Characteristic: Therapy, Massages, Antistatic

Form: Convex

Material: Polyester / cotton

Fabric count: 60

Model number: 150454

Thread Count: 200tc

Part: Neck

Package Content:

1x neck scarf


Additional information

Weight0.14 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Navy, Red, Black, Gray, Lattice


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