Specification: STZ676 – Nail sticker


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Product description: 3 different models French art series

Product packaging: bare,

Product size: 6.4*5.2cm

[Process]: The appearance of the product is strong and the actual effect is more realistic than the picture.

[Design]: The product design incorporates a text necklace, which is fashionable and suitable for a wide range of women.

[Environmental protection]: This series of products are developed as environmentally friendly materials for pregnant women and children, and are not limited to any skin type.

[Diversification]: Complete styles and a wide variety of MMs can find a style that suits them.
1. Cut, clean and polish the nails; apply a background to the nails and dry them.

2. Remove the film from the product, cut out the pattern and immerse it in water for 10-20 seconds.

3. Wet the nails and paste the pattern into place.

4. Refill the paper with a paper towel and blow dry.

5. Cover with clean nail polish and blow dry.

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Dimensions80 × 70 × 30 cm





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