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Shipped from Hong Kong. A lovely and warm hot water bottles. It is small and easy to carry, but keep you in warm any time. The heightened bottle mouth does not leak easily when water is injected. Wrapped in soft flannel and is able to disassembly to clean. Covers help the heat last longer and are a great way of protecting your skin during use. Fluff coat can maintain the temperature of the bottle, and can be used for cold treatments. non-toxic, hygienic, able to withstand the heat and cold of a product. Material: soft cloth cover and rubber bottle. Size: 19*12cm / 7.5 * 4.7 inches, capacity: 350ML Very comfortable and warm in the winter. The water bottle can be filled with hot or cold water. Soothes aches and pains related to sports injury, menstrual cramps, arthritis and pulled muscles.
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