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Reviva Labs – Collagen Fiber Contoured Eye Pads – Case of 6 – 3 Sets – 0849141


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New! Myoxinol Infused Includes Three Sets of Two Contoured Cut Pads in Sterile Packages Quick Botox-Like Benefits Hydrate and relax under eye tissue to smooth wrinkles, bags, puffiness or dark circles under eyes in minutes! 100% Pure freeze dried collagen instantly hydrates skin to diminish wrinkles, bags, or dark circles. And Myoxinol relaxes under-eye tissue to aid anti-wrinkle action. Decrease eye wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, and puffiness Immediately visible results and long-term cumulative benefits 100% Collagen Fiber moisturizes, plumps-up surface tissue, Myoxinol relaxes tissue to enhance anti-wrinkle action Safe Botox-like relaxing effect without injections Ideal for special occasions when a quick improvement is needed Quickly improve your under-eye area with Collagen-Fiber with Myoxinol Reviva’s 100% pure freeze dried Collagen-Fiber has been a salon staple for years. This guarded secret is used to provide quick improvements to your eye area by: Diminishing wrinkles Reducing puffiness Decreasing dark circles Now we’ve enhanced our medical grade Collagen-Fiber Eye Pads by infusing them with Myoxinol. German scientists recently discovered Myoxinol, an extract from the hibiscus flower, is able to relax facial wrinkles providing a Botox-like effect. Clinical tests showed a 26% wrinkle reduction after three weeks of treatment. Collagen-Fiber with Myoxinol combines hydration and wrinkle relaxing action Adding Myoxinol to our already renowned Collagen-Fiber Eye Pads increases cumulative effects. The collagen instantly plumps and smoothes skin while Myoxinol subdues an underlying cause of wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles for a smoother, younger appearance. This duo’s instant eye rejuvenation effect is temporary, but added usage brings cumulative benefits. Pads are contoured cut to fit under eye area in a sterile package
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