Red Wood Manual Facial Massager Roller Stick for Facial Neck Firming Massage – PL-HEA16303071-KELLY00139-RP


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Ships from Hong Kong. This massage stick can help people feel more comfortable while living healthy lifestyles. Not only is it small and compact to where you can bring it anywhere, but it also can get to any hard to reach muscle that a roller doesnt allow you to do. Elastic material can relieve muscle tension more effectively and achieve deep massage. If you want to have a relax after a whole day work, the massage tool will be the perfect choice. Size: 20x9x4.5 cm / 7.9×3.5×1.7 inches. Material: wood. This facial roller has a combination of two firming skin roller to increase blood circulation, reduce tightness, and wrinkles. Can be used on hands, feet or other body parts to allows for uncomplicated self-massages. It can alleviate your tensioned muscle, sore back, stiff neck, etc.
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