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Product size: 39 mm*59 mm
1. This product can be reused many times. (It is recommended that it be used exclusively to avoid mixing with many people.)
2. If the stickiness of the viscose film decreases, rinse it with clean water and then it can be reused after it is cooled and dried.
3. Storage: Keep in a cool place.
4. Keep in mind that the film should not be directly touched on dry paper or similar dry places.

Electrical conductivity, low irritation, high adhesion, safety and practicality.
Our products are imported from high quality hydrogels, light, anti-allergic, tasteless and long lasting.
Superconducting conductive layer, soft skin-friendly material, sticky.
With a height of 0.8mm, the current is applied to the skin instead of the air, saving energy and high efficiency.
Perfectly fits your body and is suitable for all skin types, providing you with an extraordinary experience.
This gel pad is a muscle trainer accessory, please cooperate with the massager!
Hydrogel pads cannot be used alone!
Please clean the skin before using this gel pad and replace it after 20-25 days of continuous use.

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Dimensions180 × 230 × 40 cm





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