quantity: 10pcs – Eye cream, edema, fine eye bags, anti-wrinkle


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Product Series: Eye Bag Eye Cream
Applicable people: Ms.
Efficacy: to edema, anti-wrinkle, lifting firming

Correct usage: After using all the skin care products, squeeze the eye cream onto the ring finger on the size of the soybeans, tap it on the belly of the hand, and tap a very thin target area; leave the moist skin for 2 – 3 minutes, face The expressionless product dries to achieve dramatic results. Don’t lick, don’t smudge

1, can be used after no makeup or makeup.
2, does not contain botulinum! But there is the effect of botulinum, no side effects.
3, does not contain heavy metals, hormones.
4, beautiful from the beginning of the morning, instantly go deep wrinkles, eliminate the traces of the years, restore youthful beauty.
5, the current cutting-edge products in the field of cosmetics, no radiation, no environmental pollution, and instantly reshape the face of the young state.
6. Quickly and effectively reduce visible signs of aging.

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