Professional Electric Bike For Adults, 26 X 4.0 Inches Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bicycle, 1000W Motor 48V 15Ah Ebike For Trail Riding, Excursion And Commute, UL And GCC Certified

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  • 25+ MPH

    Top Speed

  • 26 X 4 Inches


  • 1000W

    Motor Power

  • Up to 75 Miles


  • 330 lbs

    Payload Capacity

  • LCD Display


  • 48V 15Ah

    Waterproof Battery

  • Disc Brakes


  • UL Certification

    Safety Certified

  • 85% Pre-assembled


  • 1 Year Warranty

    Long Warranty

  • Lifetime Support

    Technical Support

  • Easy Return

    30 Days Returns

  • Ships from US

    US Warehouse

  • 8 – 9 Hours

    Charging Time

1000W Powerful Motor

The SIVROCK V1 Electric Bike uses a
brushless gear hub motor, with a maximum speed of
25+ mph
, a maximum torque of
to provide stronger power and a maximum slope of 35 degrees. 85Nm of torque is enough for everyday riding on all terrains, easily overcoming complex terrain. Whether you’re
camping, hunting, beach fishing, or biking on rough trails or mountain trails
, it helps anyone who wants to experience the outdoors.

Large Capacity Lithium-ion Battery

Waterproof Hidden Battery, this electric bicycle uses a
48V 15Ah IP54
waterproof lithium-ion battery hidden in the frame, fully charging takes 8-9 hours, and it can travel 25+ miles in pure electric mode and
75 miles
in PAS mode.

Shimano 7 Speed Shifting Gears

The 7-speed gear on the rear hub of this electric mountain bike meets your multiple-speed needs, combined with the
26″ x 4.0
fat tires, giving the electric bike perfect terrain adaptability to conquer complex terrain and roads.

Upgrade Smart LCD display

Upgrade Smart LCD display,Speed Data, Assist level,Battery Indicator, Mileage display. The multifunctional big screen LCD Speed Shifter display enables easy reading in day and night.

Excellent Riding Options

This e-bike for adults provides 4 riding modes,
pure electric mode, pedal assist mode, cart mode and classic bicycle mode
, the smart LCD display can display real-time speed, riding time, mileage, remaining battery.

  • Puncture Resistant Fat Tires

    Puncture-resistant tires prevent punctures by thorns and glass while riding.Anti-skidding, wear resistant, adapt to city, snow, sand, dirt and various terrains.

  • Shimano 7-Speed Gear

    Quickly switch between 7 gears, perfect for riders who are commuting in the urban city and exploring in the mountains at the same time.

  • Hydraulic Suspension Fork

    Our electric bikes hydraulic suspension fork, preload adjustment and lockout option, more flexible to reducing the feeling of bumps when handling multiple terrain types.

  • Mechanical Disc Brakes

    Reliable braking performance and adjustable braking distance, providing sufficient braking forces even in harshest conditions, providing strong stopping power even in loost terrain.

  • High-luminance Headlight

    Bright headlight provides a brighter, safer and more enjoyable environment for night riding. The unique LED circle illuminates your path while making you easily visible to others.

  • Aluminum Frame

    Aluminum Frame The frame is made of high-density aluminum material, which is durable, safe and not easily deformed. This bike payload capacity is 330 LBS.

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Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: Sivrock bike comes with 1 year warranty on battary, motor and controllor, and provide lifelong technical support. Sivrock is devoted and confident to slove any product issues, if you have any question about product using, maintaining, or returning, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

Q: Does the Sivrock electric bike have a USB port to charge phone?

A: Yes, the Sivrock ebike has a USB charging port. You can charge your phone at any time when you needed.

Q: Do I need to assemble my Sivrock ebike? Will it be difficult?

The Sivrock electric bike already comes 85% pre-assembled. Some simple parts are left for you to enjoy hands-on fun. We have made a detailed assembly video and detailed assembly steps. Our customers generally need 15 to 30 minutes to assemble the bike.

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: We ship from our US warehouse, Usually shipped on the same day.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge?

A: Our battery fully charging takes 8-9 hours, this can effectively protect the battery and prevent the battery from being charged too quickly and reducing battery life.

Q: What about the battery of sivrock electric bicycle?

A: 48V/15Ah large-capacity battery, hidden built-in IP52 waterproof battery, and battery management system, safe, reliable and long-lasting.

Q: What are the advantages of fat tires in all terrain conditions?

A: 26″ x 4.0 fat tires, puncture-resistant and wear-resistant rough texture provide strong grip, allowing you to drive smoothly in different riding environments and cope with various complex weather and terrains.

Technical Details

Bike Type:
‎Electric Bike, Mountain Bike

Age Range (Description):

Number of Speeds:

Wheel Size:
26 Inches

Frame Material:

Suspension Type:

Digital Display, Rechargeable, Headlight, Dual Disc Brake, Adjustable Seat

Included Components:
Tool Kit

26″ x 4.0

Brake Style:

Cartoon Character:
Dark Knight

Wheel Width:
4 Inches

Specific Uses For Product:
Trail, Road, Gravel

48 Volts


Hard Core Moutain Off-Road

Power Source:
48V Lithium-Ion Battery

1000 watts

Wheel Material:
Alloy Steel

Lithium Battery Energy Content:
720 Watt Hours

Seat Material Type:

Warranty Type:
One Year

Maximum Weight:
330 Pounds

Assembly Required:

Bicycle Gear Shifter Type:

Number of Handles:

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H:
59.25 x 31.5 x 12.5″

Package Weight:
31.75 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH
9.06 x 29.53 x 58.27″


Suggested Users:

Part Number:

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Additional information

Weight27.00 kg
Dimensions1520 × 320 × 800 cm


33 reviews for Professional Electric Bike For Adults, 26 X 4.0 Inches Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bicycle, 1000W Motor 48V 15Ah Ebike For Trail Riding, Excursion And Commute, UL And GCC Certified

  1. L***a

    This bike looks amazing and performs even better. I’ve gotten so many compliments on it already.

  2. J***n

    This bike is a beast! The fat tires and powerful motor make it perfect for off-road adventures.

  3. F***o

    The build quality of this bike is top-notch. I can tell it’s going to last me a long time.

  4. R***n

    The fat tires on this bike provide excellent traction and stability. I feel confident riding on any surface.

  5. G***i

    I was hesitant to buy an electric bike, but this one has exceeded my expectations. It’s so much fun to ride!

  6. B***n

    Nice bike
    I don’t know anything about E bikes. First one. This bike is fun to ride. Package that it was shipped in was great. Easy to put together. Lots of power. Welds on frame look great. Brakes are great. Looks well made. Great bike for the money

  7. J***n

    The battery life on this bike is impressive. I can ride for hours without worrying about running out of power.

  8. E***c

    The 48V battery on this bike is a game-changer. I can ride for miles without worrying about recharging.

  9. D***g

    I ordered two of these bikes. At first I had a question but once the communication started they have been great to work with. I love the bikes and get a lot a great comments on them. They are pretty easy to assemble as well. I have had fun adding accessories. I would highly recommend them.

  10. D***d

    The large battery on this bike is a game-changer. I can ride for hours without worrying about running out of juice.

  11. M***o

    I love the Shimano 7-speed system on this bike. It makes it easy to switch gears and tackle any terrain.

  12. C***r

    Very Nice Ebike for The Price

    I’ve racked up over 100 miles on the SIVROCK now, and it runs great. The battery is a lot better than I expected. I can ride 20 to 40 miles on it, and it goes up to 29.6 mph, but most of the time I do about 20 mph. The gears and shifting are perfect – shifting is really fast and smooth, one of the best features of this bike.

    I watched a few YouTube videos from bike reviewers, and they were all really impressed with this bike, which is why I bought it. I’m really happy with it. I also have an Onyx RCR, which is a great addition to my collection. You can’t go wrong with this one.

  13. A***o

    The suspension on this bike is excellent. It absorbs bumps and makes for a smooth ride.

  14. G***e

    The Sivrock Ebike is a great investment. It’s so much more fun to ride than a regular bike.

  15. P***k

    Le falta un poco de potencia
    Esta muybien ymegusto mucho

  16. D***d

    Nice e-bike
    Just finished my first ride, 30 miles. This bike is awesome.

  17. S***d

    This bike is huge and robust – seems very solid. Recommend also getting side mirrors – you WILL be riding on roads with this bike.

    Full assist mode is effortless of course – if heading uphill for more than a brief stints you may need to gently pedal at high gear to help it out, but other than that this bike has plenty of power.

    Fat tires make it feel even more like a motorcycle. Very large, solid and fun. So far so good!

  18. T***y

    Easy to peddle with peddle assist
    Peddle assist really works. while coasting with no hands on the bars, bike is smooth with no problems. Once you start to peddle the assist engages and moves you forward, big surprise with no hands on the bars. It is that powerful, and feels like the bike will move out from under you, so hang onto those bars!!

  19. ***r

    At this point I’ve only had the bike for 2 weeks, but I find myself riding more than I ever did with a traditional mountain bike. I am a big guy at 6’5″ and 275 pounds. First, It’s definitely high enough. Then, it seems as though my size doesn’t matter to the bike; it has plenty of acceleration and speed. I hit 25 MPH on it. Impressive! I’ve ridden a half dozen times and the battery life has barely dropped, that’s impressive also.

    Ebikes are expensive (as you have seen by now) and to tell the truth, I was looking to get by as cheaply as I could, which is why I bought this one. I was not disappointed.

    Granted, the bike is till new, but it hit all the right points. Good price point, good battery life, easy to assemble, good speed and acceleration (even for a big guy). You can’t go wrong here.
    no remark

  20. R***e

    We ordered 2 of these bikes. They arrived when promised. They were easy for my husband to assemble without any additional help. The bikes appeared to be good quality with lots of bells and whistles. We were pretty impressed!

    Based on our experience, I would recommend this bike, not just for the quality but also for the customer service we received.”

  21. H***v

    This bike is sound..the fat tires and shocks make it fun when we go off roading..i researched several bikes and this was the best deal I could fine so I bought a second one..the led light is great for night riding. all around great bikes…we love them…and you will too..
    no remark

  22. N***s

    Great Gift
    Originally bought as a gift for my father. It is a great bike and all. Unfortunately we could not keep it as it was just slightly bigger for a transit bike rack. No other issues. Do recommend

  23. J***s

    Great Bike
    Bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She’s been wanting one for a long time. Was very easy to assemble. The box it came in was amazing and was delivered with care. No complaints at all. My daughter finds any excuse to take her bike rather than drive her car. Now she needs baskets. Very smooth ride and lots of fun. I have even considered getting one for myself.

  24. B***z

    It went together easy enough. Took my first short ride today and it seemed to work fine. It was almost too much fun and its a big son of a gun. Im 6″”4 and this bike is a good fit with the seat up 2 inches. Everything works as it should.
    I will check back in 2 weeks if all goes well until then.

  25. ***.

    Do you want to foray into the world of electric bicycles? If so, then this is a great bike for you. It’s fairly easy to assemble, easy to follow, step by step manual. You are even sent a “swiss army” type tool for every screw, bolt and nut.

    The ride is smooth, the power is respectable and the controls are easy to read. The only thing I changed was the stock seat for a gel seat, added a rear turning signal light and additional reflectors on the 26in wheels but without those things, I would have still been happy.

    The customer service is great. I had a minor problem and they stayed in contact with me through email to get it resolved quickly.
    no remark

  26. D***t

    This is a great E-bike for the price. I have owned/ridden this bike for the last 2 months. It has plenty of speed around town and the battery lasts for a while. I no longer own a car and with the 50 liter saddle bags, I can do all the shopping I need for my self. I have also added mirrors, rear turn signal/horn/brake/alarm light bar.

  27. X***p

    Absolutely amazing bike. Great price point. I was amazed about how it was so perfect right out of the box. The bike has tons of power…I ride it 4 miles each way to work on our trail system. I rode a fair amount of bike…and was skeptical about getting an e-bike. Turns out you do in fact get a mild cardio workout while not getting sweaty. Best of both worlds. Hills and wind no longer exist.
    no remark

  28. T***f

    I have been considering an e bike for some time and looked around at the high end units that cost thousands. I bought this one just see if would enjoy it before I dumped a bunch of & in a high end model. I’ve only had it a short time but I am loving it. My only recommendation is that you should be prepared to spend some money on tire protection if you live out in the sticks like me.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  29. M***f

    First of all the bike has tremendous power not to mention it’s so easy to use all the controls. I also like the paint job and the way the bike looks it’s beautiful I couldn’t be happier. I also like that the battery uses very little power on a 5 mile ride, it only dropped one bar, and I used full electric almost all the way. I made a very good decision to purchase this bike. I am very happy with it. Thank you.
    no remark

  30. D***l

    Exactly what I expected.
    I don’t usually write reviews unless it is deserving, positive or negative. So far I have no complaints about this bike. It is fun to ride, with plenty of power. The assembly was fairly straight forward, it took about 30 minutes to finish. It is exactly what I expected.
    no remark

  31. R***d

    Comfortable and fun
    Bike works as advertised charges fast easy to assemble and batteries last for several rides.
    no remark

  32. A***y

    Great Fat Tire Electric Bike
    The bike delivery was pretty fast. Easy and straight forward instructions on how to assemble the bike. So far I did not came across any issues . I am very happy with the purchase.
    no remark

  33. A***w

    Awesome Ebike for the money
    Well built bike lots of fun. Very fast
    no remark

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