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Broad Essentials Peppermint CBD Essential Oil, is a pure, therapeutic-grade oil derived from mentha piperita and prized for its benefits to the body and mind. Peppermint has an invigorating, warm, sweet and minty aroma and can aid your body in relieving fatigue, stomach issues, cold symptoms, headaches, cramps, pain, inflammation and stress. Peppermint can also promote better sleep, increase concentration and boost energy levels. With the added benefits of CBD, you get a much more versatile peppermint oil than traditional peppermint, one that can be diffused OR infused directly into your favorite lotions, creams and shampoos for a rejuvenating skin care routine. Add the benefits of CBD and peppermint to your favorite skin care products or create your own blend and a carrier oil. Together, its what makes Peppermint CBD Essential Oil one of our most popular choices for aromatherapy or topical therapy anytime of day.
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