Multifunctional shoulder and neck massager – Color: Heating


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Timing setting, simple and convenient, smart fit, relieve stress, 6 kinds of electric pulse, massage mode, engineering design, close fit, circular traction, relieve pain, comfortable bass, worry-free life

1. 16 power levels in 6 modes

Different user groups are suitable for different massage modes and strengths, and there are multiple built-in states for your needs

2. Comfortable and free to adjust

Set the mode and gear adjustment buttons on both sides of the product. The adjustment allows you to stay away from the pain and enjoy comfort. The LED mode indicator display is more intuitive.

3. Built-in 300MA battery

The built-in 300ma battery can be charged with usb for one hour and it will be used for about one month, calculated as 15 minutes of use per day

4. Electric pulse massage, high-intensity massage is comfortable

Electric pulse massage simulates various massage techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, strengthens local blood circulation and relaxes local muscles. Simulate various massage techniques of Chinese medicine to relieve neck fatigue

5. Automatic timing

It can be automatically timed for 25 minutes, freeing your hands! It is recommended to use it for 10-20 minutes a day.


1. Pulse frequency: 0Hz-1000Hz

2. Pulse width: 20us-400us

3. Power supply: 3VDC30mA

4. There are 6 modes

5. Has 16 powers

6. Main function: Use electronic pulse massager to relax the neck

7. Power supply: 2 AAA dry batteries can be used continuously for 7 hours

1 centimeter = 10 millimeters = 0.39 inches

Product information:

Applicable parts: neck

Material: ABS

Project Type: Massage and Relaxation

Electric pulse frequency: 0-1000Hz

Electric pulse width: 20-400μs



Packing list:
1*Massager set

Weight1.2 kg





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