Multifunctional electric beauty pen

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[Voltage] 1.5V

[Current] 180mA

[Power] 0.3W

[Product Size] 140 * 27 * 32mm

Product name: electric eye beauty instrument


Product function: Lifting and firming eye massage vibration


Small and practical, easy to carry on business trips

1. Dim the crow’s feet pattern, decree pattern, etc. Intermittent regular micro-vibration stimulates the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles, repairs the skin’s elastic fibers and collagen tissues, and thus stretches and diminishes wrinkles.

2. Increase skin moisture and elastic skin. By stimulating extra-micro currents, aging cells shed away from the surface of the skin with the blood, and the skin’s water content increases and is full of elasticity.

3. Lighten dark circles and spots. Stimulates and activates the dermal tissues of the eye skin, promotes the growth of collagen in declining skin, and through cell massage, quickly penetrates the skin care products into the deep layer of the skin to achieve the effect of smoothing wrinkles and diminishing dark circles.

4. Import essence to supplement nutrition. This instrument not only has the effect of removing wrinkles, but also can introduce nutrient essence into the dermis, which is twice that of ordinary ion introduction.

5. Instantly relieve eye fatigue and eye discomfort. Micro-current can relieve pain, fatigue, and relax eye pressure.





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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions150 × 100 × 30 cm


4 reviews for Multifunctional electric beauty pen

  1. O***o

    Placed in one box so did not immediately find the 2nd device from the order

  2. M***a

    The quality of the goods corresponds to the description. Came in good condition, without a battery. There is instruction in English on the box. How much this massager is good, will show time.
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  3. T***a

    Everything is received in general and not harmful. In use, it is not yet clear whether the skin pulls up or not

  4. S***a

    Excuses on the descriptionto, the feeling is not eaten

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