Moisturizing and hydrating brightening skin cream

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Applicable people: ladies

Specifications: normal specifications

Shelf life: 12 months

Lotion/cream category: lotion and cream

Net content: 20g (g/ml)

Cosmetic efficacy: moisturizing, moisturizing, brightening skin tone, firming

Ingredients: water

Ingredients of raw materials: hyaluronic acid

Additional information

Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions150 × 150 × 100 cm


100 reviews for Moisturizing and hydrating brightening skin cream

  1. J***r

    Thank you for the gift

  2. M***n

    I love it

  3. R***r

    Fast shipping plus gift coconut oil.

  4. S***a

    Everything is fine, came quickly and with a courier!!! As a gift hair oil, thank you❤❤❤The cream is just super, the skin is matte, velvety, really find

  5. G***v

    Order received delivery by courier.

  6. C***r

    Well received but not try yet

  7. B***n

    Fast shipped!

  8. I***c

    Light, pleasant, Super Cream.
    Thank you!!!!

  9. A***a

    Wow Cream is sensational. I am after 40, my skin is mixed with expanded porami acne. Cream absorbed in 5 seconds, slightly pulled me pores, leather is głatka as Velvet no effect luminous and viscosity. Reduces zmarszki eye are ściągnięte.
    U Me in family was already ordered by two women and I will surely I will post it reach. Additionally, the seller gives free shipping coconut oil, fragrance is obłędny but not sprawdziłam action.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  10. T***t

    My favorite cream. Auquest 5 seconds. Means for instant wrinkle removal. Cream "filler of wrinkles 5 seconds" and it really works. Cream color is white. Consistency is average. Not very liquid, but not thick. The smell is pleasant. Reminds me of some herbs. The cream is a filler of wrinkles. It's a temporary effect. It lasts for 8 hours. The cream removes eye swelling, tones and tightens the skin, makes it softer, also lightens it.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  11. G***g

    Fast delivery parcel well packed plus gift hair oil thank you good seller
    no remarkno remark

  12. R***r

    Many thanks for the cream and gift. It came before the declared time. The packing is impeccable, as a gift coconut oil for hair, I will necessarily complement the review when I try. Thanks to the seller and hope for further cooperation.
    no remark

  13. R***r

    Everything came out intact and safe, well packed, as a gift hair oil, the seller recommend

  14. L***o

    Exactly as in the description

  15. J***a

    The cream has a good shelf life. Packed everything is chic. I haven't tried it yet. Thank you for the gift.

  16. A***r

    Good product.

  17. Y***i

    Excellent product corresponds to the description, thanks to the seller

  18. S***a

    Excellent case, as in the photo

  19. R***r

    I use it for makeup. No allergies.

  20. A***n

    Delivered quickly, to whom 50 + it makes no sense to take

  21. I***o

    The cream came well packed, in a short time, as a gift-coconut hair oil

  22. S***r

    Very well packed and very quickly received and also added a nice gift.
    Thank you so much

  23. J***a

    Very good product, perfectly follows the description, top quality. Leaves skin wonderful. Thanks for gift!!! Recommend!
    no remark

  24. R***n

    I left 5 stars because the customer service was excellent. It took two shipments and 5 months to arrive.
    Thank you AUQUEST 🙂

  25. A***k

    The cream went 2 months in the Moscow region, did not track at all, but the seller spoke instantly. The effect of the cream, indeed, is instant. Swelling under the eyes tightens. And there is no feeling of tightness and dryness. I'll see how long this effect lasts. The first feeling is very pleasant, and there is a desire to order more. And the seller put an unexpected gift: natural plant extract for hair growth. Thank you seller!
    no remark

  26. I***e

    i cant believe ladies its working!!! I RECOMEND IT 100% Skin became smooth araund eyes and its fills poores perfectly!!! IM SO HAPPY and i will buy more of it!!!Thank you seller its the best product i ever tryed
    no remark

  27. H***t

    Köszönöm szépen
    no remarkno remark

  28. G***e

    Punctual delivery date.
    Very fast shipping. Perfectly packed parcel.
    An address highly recommended for the seriousness of the seller.

  29. I***a

    I received the cream, Thanks for the gift
    no remarkno remark

  30. G***l

    Thank you to the seller-the order came very well packed, everything-whole!!!! I recommend, buy, order! Later I will unsubscribe the results!!!!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  31. K***

    Delivery +-one and a half months.
    I know the product, it's the 2 th time I order.
    Thanks to the seller for the gift for the hair.
    Too bad, a broken pipette during the trip.
    I recommend it.
    no remark

  32. G***g

    Fast delivery well packaged also hair oil as gift thank you
    no remark

  33. S***a

    vsio ok

  34. P***j


  35. E***d

    Works and hair oil is fabulous

  36. O***o

    Pleasant, odorless. slightly tightens the skin. Easily absorbed. Thank you.
    no remarkno remark

  37. R***r

    Delivery to Kazan is exactly a month. I use the cream constantly, as a gift is coconut oil. Seller and I recommend it, thank you very much!
    no remark

  38. P***e

    Cream OK. For this free shipping essential oil

  39. I***a


  40. M***o

    I got the cream. Works. Thank you for the present.

  41. R***e

    Excellent. It seems that it works, beautiful. Product was well packed, and got a nice present when, very sweet. This product go I sure again order, the seller I advise to, reliable and reacts very quickly to questions. Thanks!

  42. J***k

    Super fast delivery but haven't tried out.

  43. E***r

    Works directly, super!

  44. S***o

    Very good.

  45. K***a

    Excellent! Delivery to Peter 5 days. Also attached a gift. Smells like lemon. I'll try, I'll add a review.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  46. M***n

    Fine cream! Works well. No had contact with the seller.

  47. M***s

    Fast delivery and nice attention got namely hair oil, thank you seller

  48. E***s

    Whole fine cream am delighted with it. Thanks

  49. S***o

    Ok, received all good, thank you 5 stars

  50. F***r

    I liked the cream, it is well and quickly absorbed, does not leave any traces of fat.
    no remarkno remark

  51. M***a

    Pleasant cream, oil also smells nice and the skin becomes soft and velvet)
    no remarkno remark

  52. N***a

    Nice cream, I like it. Delivery in time. Another means for hair, vorode oil is attached, but has not yet tried. Bought 3 PCs And I'll finish, I'll order it.

  53. N***y

    This cream is the best on I ever bought on Ali !!!

  54. M***k

    The cream is good, I order a second time. Shipping fast.

  55. N***r

    The SAT very well packed. My thank therefor.

  56. T***a

    Thank you to the seller for fast shipment and delivery of goods! Everything is in good condition! I'll use it! I advise everyone of this seller!

  57. V***z

    Hi seller satisfied cream and well thank you very much

  58. I***i

    Very fast delivery, supper!
    no remark

  59. A***i


  60. E***t

    The cream received but even more used it, I hope for the result. The seller put in a gift two masks for the face, great. Thank you!!!

  61. M***a

    Najbolja kremica ikad for izrazito Suhu kožu. Dugo them koristim and vrlo same zadovoljna. Ublažava bore eye Usana and sitnije bore nestaju for 6-8 Sati. NE koristim them for njegu Lica, nego for dekorativni tretman, ispod šminke. Kremica them vrlo blagog mirisa and koža them Lako upija. Putovanje them Dugo trajalo, vjerojatno zbog pandemije, Ali isplati se čekati. Good upakirano and zaštićeno.

  62. K***a

    Thank you to the seller for the gift to order, 4 masks with vitamin C.

  63. I***a

    The effect is, really tightens the skin, especially bags under the eyes. Deep wrinkles certainly do not remove, but the impression is good. Put a gift, hair oil.

  64. V***v

    Everything is perfectly packed, in the case has not yet tried, thanks for the gift-hair oil!!!

  65. G***r

    The creams are very small, but they came very well packaged and they look very good quality.

  66. R***r

    Everything is super. thanks to the seller .. packing for 5
    no remark

  67. G***e

    Services always so irreproachable.
    Excellent products, very very effective.
    Very fast shipment in perfect packaging.
    An address that I highly recommend.

  68. E***k

    Gives your skin a shining and smooth skin

  69. V***a

    Thanks for the parcel. Everything came safe. Evaluation I put 5 +++ seller recommend!

  70. J***t

    When this supplier goods supplied top product regret that the jars as small Five Star

  71. H***h

    it arrived but very late. but it's a very good cream. I'm glad it arrived!

  72. F***e

    I'm very satisfied

  73. C***c

    It was firmly packed. Now see if it works

  74. A***a

    It's a whole. Well packed. Before Term

  75. E***a

    Delivery fast!
    Packed securely. The jar is whole, in a factory box, with all the necessary information. For reliable transportation, the seller packed in a blown package. Seller recommend!
    By the way, the seller added a gift: plant extract based on coconut oil for hair growth. Thank you very much!

  76. O***k

    Packed very well. The box is beautiful. Thank you for the present.

  77. P***a

    Thanks a product. Come on time. In addition I received my nice gift in the form of facials face. Recommend salesman.

  78. T***a

    well packed
    no remark

  79. V***a

    The cremick came with a gift. As a gift put coconut oil for hair. Very nice. The cream itself is super. Packing at height. I recommend to order.

  80. M***t

    reveieved on time, and with gift. thank you very much

  81. B***g

    good as the last time! thanks

  82. M***o

    The order has come too late but I am very satisfied thank you very much seller

  83. F***r


  84. K***D

    I take it for my mother for the second time. She really likes it.

  85. J***s

    The packaging came very well, and gift two vitamin C mask, thank you very much for it, I haven't used it yet but I'll leave next comments
    no remark

  86. A***g


  87. C***t

    Good coming. Thanks for the gifts. Let me try it.

  88. R***f

    Superfine Creme

  89. I***a

    The cream is excellent, already 10th box, probably. Used to it.

  90. G***o

    Delivery just over a month. It was packed perfectly, nothing was jammed. The seller was so kind that he put a gift-a vitamin mask. I take not for the first time, a great thing. I recommend the goods and the seller.

  91. T***a

    I order the second time! Thank you, I really like it!

  92. N***z

    I was very surprised how well packaged the seller sent them! I got a gift oil which I like very much about the cream comes small, but that's where enfuer I like
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  93. A***a

    Came, thank you

  94. V***t

    I ordered it for a gift. I didn't.

  95. S***a

    The cream came perfectly packed! As a gift, the seller still sent oil!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  96. M***o

    When applying it it absorbs very quickly, it leaves a thin layer on the skin and is matte. Although it's a bit noticeable the covering of wrinkles, I could say it helps in 30% to decrease it for a few hours. She had free coconut oil for her hair.

  97. M***a

    The jar is small, but filled to the edges. As a gift, the seller put the masochka. Thank you!

  98. O***o

    Thank you! And for the gift too!

  99. V***a

    Arrived quickly, 15 days to Latvia. Packed very reliably: in the navel, Scotch tape from all sides. The box is in perfect condition. As a gift attached face mask. Thank you seller!
    no remarkno remark

  100. O***o

    Very small tube, deep wrinkles of course does not smooth, the effect is but minor, lies down well, I do not know how it moisturizes but a pleasant feeling, the skin is like after washing, there is no fat effect. The seller put the mask as a gift, though not what instructions

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