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Ships from Hong Kong. The hair towels are made of absorbent material woven.This hair drying towel is better than regular towel to dry you hair ,it’s easy to use with the button design ,it’s such convenient and lighweight. Extremely Soft, absorbent material to cut half of time to dry your hair, save your time and protect your hair from the blow drying damage. Suitable size for most head. Size: suitable size for most head. Very water-absorbent and dries your hair faster and save your time. Absorb more water without rubbing your hair, reduce frizz and breakage, less harm to your unique hair shape. It has a button to secure your bath towels, your hair will not slip while you take a bath or for a relax time. Easy to use. You can let your hair flow by naturally and twist into a turban, hook the loop over the button to lock into position.
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