Kemei 202A Double Rotary Cutter Head Rechargeable Electric Shaver Automatic Grinding Shaver Razor Men’s Face Care






The Kemei KM – 202A razor is an ultimate tool for a comfortable shave. 

360-degree technology allows the entire head to adjust to any angle and the active contour and keep blades in close contact with your face, ensuring reduced irritation and an accurate shave. 

Plus, the razor is an ideal for detailing sideburns and maintaining any style of facial hair. 


360 degree floating blade, includes front, back, left, right swaying and up, double-track cutter 

High precision and ultra-thin shaving blade design for a close comfortable refreshing shave 

With charging indicator and safety switch with double-directional lock 

Enhance the contact area for fast shaving with the sharp and safe bread cutting apparatus 

Ergonomic mini design fits in your hand, giving you a precise control 


Take off the protecting cap 

Press the switch lock key and the OFF/ON button to turn on the razor 

Rapidly move the razor back and forth against the growing direction of beard hair, can also be shaved on the neck along in this way 

Turn off the razor, put on the protecting cap to avoid damage, never use it in case that shaving blades are damaged, as it may hurt your skin 

Clean and Maintenance:

Please turn it off before cleaning and make sure to unplug it 

Regular cleaning guarantees optimal shaving performance, clean the shaving unit every week 

Clean the top of the razor with the supplied brush, press the release button and remove the shaving unit, brush the hair chamber



Battery Capacity:

Working Temperature:
 5 – 35 Deg.C

Power Type:
 Rechargeable/Electric Both Work 

 Twin Blade 


Usage Time:

Washing Mode:
 Do Not Wash 

With Trimming Device:

Charging Time:
 8 Hours 


Power Consumption (W/m):

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions180 × 230 × 80 cm

Eu Plug


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