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An all-in-one flossing system, Interplak by Conair uses sonic dental technology and powerful yet gentle water jets to cleanse teeth and help keep gums healthy. Designed to promote dental hygiene and dental health, model SWJ2 provides pulsating action with 7-position pressure control and 6 attachments. Interplak by Conair Water Flossing Systems makes maintaining your oral health easier. Sonic technology. Cleans between the teeth and below the gum line. Helps prevent gingivitis and gum disease 6 attachments: Water jet tip -2 full-size brush heads. Subgingival tip. Uniquely designed massager. Tongue cleaner. Large capacity tank for fewer refills. Pause for flow control. Sonic button controls sonic vibration. 7-position pressure control for comfortable pulsating action. On/Off button. Flip tank over for compact storage.
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