Indian God Mud Cleansing Mask Powder

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[Product Abbreviation]

1. Indian healing clay is extracted from Death Valley, California, where bentonite is used.

Dry for up to 6 months at a high temperature of up to 134 degrees.

2. Used as a facial mask, smooth, light and firm skin, deep clean pores, at the same time can solve the problem of skin, especially pores.

Bulk, acne, blackheads are very effective. After use, your skin becomes smooth.

3. Other body care, such as: natural membrane care, mud bath, foot bath, frozen clay can be used for knee pockets and mosquito bites;

4. This is also a great scalp mask. Remove stolen items from your hair (if the scalp is thin, mix it in and wipe the scalp).

After use, the hair is soft and can remove mousse, spray, pigments and other artificial trash. Cleaning is also easy.

This product can be used in combination with apple cider vinegar for best results without any bumps.

[Scope of application]

Normal skin can be used, be careful with sensitive and sensitive skin.


1. First mix the clay with the same amount of unfiltered malic acid or water, then mix in a non-metallic bowl or utensil.

Paste and add clay and water as needed. (If you do n’t know the first thing well, it ’s best to make adjustments first and wipe the forehead or something else.

After fully grasping the time, fully operate to avoid wasting Ha. )

2. Fix your hair well with a hairpin, put it on your face with a hot towel first, and then apply it to your face as evenly as possible. The thickness is about 04 cm-06 cm.

The clay gradually dries and hardens.

3. At this time, the tone gradually dries, you will feel the skin is tightened, you can feel the pulse of the skin.

Flowing and still feeling motionless on the face (delicate skin lasts 5-10 minutes; normal skin lasts 15-20 minutes)

Rinse with warm water. Blushing is normal after washing. It will disappear in 30 minutes.

Additional information

Weight0.46 kg
Dimensions300 × 300 × 300 cm


5 reviews for Indian God Mud Cleansing Mask Powder

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  2. D***c

    Produit took 80 days to come due to the pendemic, nothing damaged, hope it will do the job, seller was professionel, I'll will test it and refeed
    no remarkno remark

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    There was a problem with shipping and I contacted the seller who will refund me without problem s the total amount. Never get to receive it but your answer was quick and fair.

  5. B***s

    The nice mask works great but mixed with apple cider vinegar has a strange and not pleasant smell. All in all, it is a nice mask for face cleaning

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