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Ice It! Headache &Migraine Kit – 10078N


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Headaches are personal and vary greatly * Finally a drug-free approach to headaches that can be personalized for the user * Kit Contains the following: -One Plush Insulated Head Wrap With Hook and Loop Closure Tab -One Eye Wrap With Adjustable Strap Allows For Versatile Use -Three 3 x 8 Soft Cool/Heat Packs Cool/Heat Packs stay soft and flexible even when frozen * Head Wrap delivers convenient cold and hot therapy with a gentle adjustable compression * Head Wrap allows freedom of movement while holding reusable Cool/Heat Packs securely on the targeted area * It is important to know what type of headache you have and its trigger * Cold therapy makes your blood vessels constrict and calms inflammation * This can reduce the pressure in your head which will ease your pain * Cold compresses also have a natural numbing effect * Heat Therapy compresses will relax your muscles * If your headaches are caused by tension in the jaw neck or shoulders applying heat relaxes tight muscles and eases your pain * Heat tends to relax you all over which can help to manage stress as well

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