Handheld Wireless Vaccum Cleaner With Foldable Tube

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Three-in-one for a vehicle, home, and mite removal

LED front lighting, clean and no dead ends

Two-speed adjustment to solve various cleaning problems

150W powerful power, powerful dual motors

Five-layer filter system, more thorough cleaning

The electric mite removing brush removes dust, dander, mites, etc. hidden deep in the quilt and mattress

Carbon fiber floor brushes can prevent pets from entanglement and care for the floor


Battery data: Lithium 18650, 22,2 V / 2200 mAh,5C

Rated voltage: 100-240V/50Hz

Charging time: 4 – 5 hours

Suction: 6,5 Kpa (low-end); 9Kpa (high-end)

Working hours: 30-35 min (6.5Kpa); 18-22 min (9Kpa)

Rated power: 120W

Electric floor brush motor power: 20W

Cleaning efficiency: 20 dm³ / s

Product noise: 75dB

Dust collection method: dust cup

Dust collection capacity: 0.5L

Product category and cleaning category: wireless handheld vacuum cleaner; dry

Cleaning mode: 2 Gear (high-end, low-end)

Filtering method: HEPA filter

Package Content :

Vacuum Cleaner x1

Packing list:

Additional information

Weight3.32 kg
Dimensions255 × 285 × 240 cm


33 reviews for Handheld Wireless Vaccum Cleaner With Foldable Tube

  1. G***i

    The goods is according to the description

  2. M***a

    Очень понравился, работает прекрасно, рекомендую к покупке

  3. E***a

    Delivery to Moscow from the moment of ordering-10 days. Delivery directly to the door. Well done with cleaning. Maneuverable.

  4. A***V

    I drove to Moscow in 14 days.
    Courier delivery to the apartment.
    Very well done.
    Everything corresponds to the description.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  5. Н***а

    Excellent. Fast shipping.

  6. M***y

    Ordered was 11.11, shipped 15.11, delivered by courier home to St. Petersburg 26.11. Factory box and packing. Was loaded. With unaccustomed heavy. The first mode is not clear, at 2-3 norms of fast run to collect wool from animals, dust, crumbs in the kitchen.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  7. S***v

    Very nice!

  8. F***i

    Vacuum cleaner cool corresponds to the description delivery fast quality excellent seller recommend thank you
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  9. N***a

    The vacuum cleaner met expectations, the charge is enough for a two-storey house of 130 square meters with the cleaning of the stairs on average mode. Apartment 95 squares without carpets on one charge I remove 2,5 times))) on time checked, on average charge mode enough for 30 minutes. I recommend, ordered the same beets. Now my parents ask, although they have a vertical vacuum cleaner but less powerful.
    We have a version of Pro, the beets are simple, than they differ and did not understand

  10. М***в

    Excellent goods, only the battery is weak

  11. V***a

    Сеголня только подучили пылесос , привёз курьер до двери. Очень маневренный и удобный. Не тяжёлый . Собирается и разбирается легко. Волосы забиваются в щётка, но этого не избежать никак, удалить их с неё совсем не сложно. 4 режима мощности . Плитку на полу можно спокойно пропылесосит на 1-2 скорости , отлично всасывает , а вот для ковра использовали 3-4 режим, чтобы удалить кошачьи и женские волосы с него. Покупали исходя из хорошей заявленной мощности , плюс пылесос беспроводной, и с красивым дизайном! Для ежедневной уборки когда есть ребёнок и домашний питомец, самое то! В мвидео или эльдорадо за такие деньги купишь хлам и потратишь только деньги на ветер… А данной покупкой наша семья довольна!
    no remarkno remark

  12. L***r

    с продавцом не общалась, доставка три недели, пылик хороший , очень довольна, рекомендую

  13. I***N

    Everything is fine! Works well, charging was enough for the whole apartment, Plet on the sofa, Chair, shelf and curtains. The vacuum cleaner worked in mixed mode. The only step can only be added to reduce the need to scroll the modes in the circular or turn off and then turn on again. The rest of the charging does not show, the indicator is only green N Goa all the battery and red, but these are trifles to which you can get used. Removable container for garbage is easy to clean and wash all the filters and is not afraid that the water has Electronics ..
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  14. V***v

    Came in a week
    My wife is delighted…
    This is not the first dust of this company ..

  15. K***v

    The goods have come. Wanted P10 pro but they ended. Came P10 very beautiful and good-I advise everyone!

  16. R***r

    Delivered in a week. I do not have carpets, and the Laminate vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with its task. Just as well cleans the wool of the cat with upholstered furniture and chairs. I'm happy.

  17. R***r

    The goods are excellent, thank you seller

  18. S***v

    It came quickly, it's the second vacuum cleaner, and the third in the way-for a gift.

  19. S***v

    This is the third vacuum cleaner-took for a gift to friends. Made qualitatively… Battery removable… At the last speed enough for 10 minutes of average load… At average speeds of norms ..

  20. A***M

    A good vacuum cleaner, especially suitable for local kills. Three-storey penthouse they will not remove, but if you have children or animals, then mast HEV for wool and crumbs 🙂
    Quite powerful and quiet, easy to assemble. Quickly was sent by the seller and came to me, despite the fact that the week was discount and Ali, as usual, was overloaded)

  21. R***r

    The parcel came in a week, corresponds to the description. The box was torn and sealed, the vacuum cleaner was not hurt. A little noisy, and so excellent. Let's see how it will behave.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  22. N***a

    Vacuum cleaner Super, fully met expectations. With all the discounts and coupons cost 10500 rubles. I hope it will not fail further.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  23. K***v

    Fast. They brought it home.

  24. A***v

    Great device. Already 4 of this manufacturer with relatives and in our family.

  25. V***a

    According to the description, everything corresponds. Works. Mail went to Kursk for 3 days. But sent it after payment in already 2 weeks. Although chose express shipping. I had to wait a long time. The seller did not reply immediately after 1-2 days. And so the vacuum cleaner is good, it does its work well.

  26. S***v

    отличный пылесос.

  27. N***Z

    Great vacuum cleaner.

  28. A***N

    Excellent convenient vacuum cleaner: powerful, easy to clean, practical replaceable nozzles.

  29. I***U

    цена для такого в магазине была бы в два раза дороже , жена довольна , отличный помощник

  30. E***o

    Works well, only difficult to clean the trash can

  31. I***n

    For fine cleaning or everyday passage around the house-will come down. Dog wool from the carpet pulls with difficulty even with a turbo brush and maximum power. We have to get used to it. Came in a mint box, so do not take it for a gift, or another additional package think.

  32. I***n


  33. I***a

    Thank you, more! The seller is sociable! Sent fast! Vacuum cleaner fire! I recommend to everyone both the seller and the vacuum cleaner,

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