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As we grow older, the use of prescription drugs, modern dietary habits, common digestive disorders and everyday stress all work together to attack the proportion of healthy microflora in our bodies. Belle and Bella works to fortify your bodys natural defenses against the destructive elements that are part of your everyday life. Now, more than ever, we need to supplement our bodys supply of probiotics. The Belle and Bella formula has the optimal blend of probiotics to help replenish our system.ProbioticContains 13 Billion Live and Active probiotics per capsule10 documented and DNA Verified strains by the Pastor Institute in FranceBoosts immune system simulates your immune system and forms a protective barrier to help prevent colonization of pathogens such as E. coliPromotes Regularity Contains bifidobacterium to promote regularityHelps to synthesize important vitamins, nutrients and enzymes, such as lactase, necessary to digest the lactose inherent in milk and dairy productsStrains are optimized for complete coverage of your intestinal track from the top of your small intestine to your colonCapsules are water based enteric coated to protect probiotics from the gastric acids so that they arrive undiminished at their target. Enteric coating does NOT contain chemicals or plastics
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