Homeopathic medicine for anger management and temper control

Uses: Temporarily relieves acute symptoms of anger including irritability, rage and temper outbursts

  • Natural medicine relieves angry emotions, such as irritability
  • Relieves physical symptoms of anger like quickening of breath, sweating and enlarged pupils
  • Calms anger stemming from feelings of frustration, disappointment and discontent
  • Reduces frequent outbursts to reduce stress on nervous system
  • Calms impatience from trouble organizing or managing thoughts
  • Relieves nighttime tension which can cause night terrors and sleep talking
  • Helps with stressed, workaholic personalities to find peace and calm
  • Provides support for healthy management of powerful emotions

What is Anger-Soothe?

Anger-Soothe is a leading safe, non-addictive, natural anger management medication containing 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to temporarily relieve symptoms of anger and irritability, including fits of rage and temper outbursts, all without any negative side effects.

Formulated by a clinical psychologist and our team of experts in natural medicine, Anger-Soothe can be used to safely and effectively support the nervous system at a cellular level, temporarily relieving feelings of frustration, disappointment, and discontent, as well as physical symptoms of anger such as quickening of breath, onset of sweating and dilation of the pupils. Anger-Soothe is especially helpful for individuals who are easily stressed and prone to having workaholic personalities.

It is very important to manage anger in a healthy way. Repressed emotions can build up to an explosive argument, which can be damaging to personal as well as professional relationships (and even lead to severe consequences if violence ensues). Long-term unmanaged anger can cause serious health issues affecting the heart, blood pressure, digestive functioning and more.

Recognizing unhealthy behavior and learning to find more productive ways of communicating can go a long way. Using assertiveness instead to express your feelings and needs, in addition to seeking support from others, can help ease both emotional and physical discomfort associated with symptoms of anger.

A powerful homeopathic formulation for anger, Anger-Soothe uses a unique, proprietary blend of highly diluted natural substances to address emotions that cause anger, irritability and temper outbursts, such as stubbornness, impatience, hotheadedness, or an overall ‘attitude’. Nux vomica (Nux vom) has a long history of providing effective relief for those who feel irritable, malicious, sullen or easily angered.

These ingredients can get to work at the cellular level, getting to the root cause of the anger. Some personality types are more prone to easy annoyance, and everyday frustration, hurt, and disappointment have a profound impact on their behavior and in turn their level of happiness.

Our team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and responsible pharmacists know that one ingredient does not provide a full solution. Therefore, we have created a unique blend of four scientifically selected ingredients that enable Anger-Soothe to provide a natural, effective and safe choice for anger that may stem from feelings of frustration, hurt, annoyance or disappointment.

For more than 200 years, homeopathy has been used to provide relief for a broad array of symptoms from a number of health conditions (acute). It uses the premise of like-treats-like to help with this symptom relief, demonstrating that these natural ingredients can provide gentle relief for the same symptoms that at full-strength they cause.

Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathic remedies have no known side effects, no interactions with prescription medicine or herbal remedies, and no contraindications with pre-existing conditions.

Anger-Soothe is taken internally and presented in a convenient, concentrated tincture formula. It is easy to ingest and hassle-free with no artificial colors or preservatives.

PureCalm, an herbal supplement and our leading natural calming remedy, is a great complementary remedy to Anger-Soothe.

All Native Remedies homeopathic products and biochemic tissue salts are manufactured according to the highest standards in a FDA-registered pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists and comply with specifications of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

The reactions of angry actions

Most of us have become angry at one point or another. It may be that after a challenging day our patience wears thin and the smallest thing makes us angry. It is quite normal to become unhappy and angry sometimes. However, because anger is an emotion there is a very wide range of levels of anger. For some individuals it may take a lot to get angry, with others the ‘fuse’ may be a short one.

When signals are sent to the brain to arouse anger, signals are also sent to other parts of the body. The heart rate may increase, hands may shake or tremble and increased blood flow to the face may cause it to become red. Scientists are still investigating the link between anger and impulsivity – the angrier we become, the more likely we are to be irrational and impulsive. In short, when we‘re angry, we may act without thinking!

The natural way

In today’s modern world, it may take a lot to resist the urge to get angry. However, there are a lot of anger remedies and temper remedies, including natural remedies, for anger control. Here’s a great technique to try: when you begin to feel flustered, take a deep breath and count to ten. Dealing with frustrations and outbursts this way may sound juvenile, but as you count in your head, try to picture the rational way to handle things (it may minimize the damage you may do while angry).

Try to picture an oasis of calm, however hard this may be! It is not a good idea to vent anger, as this may become a habit that fuels the cycle. Instead, a temper treatment to try can be as simple as taking up an energetic sport that requires concentration, (preferably not a contact sport), such as racket-ball or rock climbing. Exercise is a great way to relax and work off some steam for healthy anger management.

Natural remedies for anger can also help to support calmed demeanor and balanced emotions. In fact, natural temper remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system.

What are the ingredients?

Anger-Soothe is 100% homeopathic, contains these ingredients, and has the following indications (purposes): Chamomilla 6C HPUS, Lycopodium 6C HPUS, Nux vom 6C HPUS, Peppermint.

  • Nux vom 6C HPUS: very irritable, malicious, sullen, fault-finding, easily angered, cannot stand to be contradicted, can become extremely violent.
  • Chamomilla 6C HPUS: irritable, oversensitive, complaints from anger and vexation, easily angered, moody and hateful.
  • Lycopodium 6C HPUS: extremely sensitive, head strong, sensitive.
  • Also contains Peppermint.

How do I use Anger-Soothe?

For all ages: Mix 0.50 mL in 1/4 cup of water and sip slowly. Repeat 3-5 times daily as needed until symptoms subside. If preferred, drops may be taken directly into the mouth.

Anger-Soothe is a homeopathic remedy and is safe for all ages. There are no known drug interactions.

A homeopathic remedy can be taken 10 minutes after a meal, or 30 minutes after brushing the teeth (since many toothpastes have strong flavors such as mint).

It is recommended that Anger-Soothe be administered in conjunction with herbal PureCalm™.

Caution: If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. Also, if symptoms persist or worsen, a health care professional should be consulted. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children. Avoid strong mint-flavored candy, as this may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.

How long until I see results?

People can differ widely in their response times to natural remedies depending on individual makeup, lifestyle and diet. Some may experience a general feeling of wellness within days, while for others it may take longer before an effect is felt.

Often, a gradual improvement is felt over time. Best results are achieved when they are used consistently along with a healthy lifestyle.

How long will a bottle last?

One 59 mL bottle of Anger-Soothe will last approximately 30 days. Exactly how long a bottle lasts will depend on the frequency of use.