3D manual roller thin face instrument

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Brand: Beauty Massager

Whether electric: No

Face-lifting machine style: roller type

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Weight0.06 kg
Dimensions180 × 230 × 400 cm

Silver, Purple, Gold

73 reviews for 3D manual roller thin face instrument

  1. S***k

    The order made 07.03, received 26.05. No longer hoped. Completely plastic, pleasant to the touch, with its function copes. In general, a good thing.
    no remarkno remark

  2. K***s

    Came in three weeks, the condition is great, I will start using it)
    no remark

  3. I***o

    Plastic massager. Simple effective is not expensive.

  4. A***a

    I liked it very much, I ordered more myself and my friends

  5. P***a

    Fast delivery and good product.

  6. E***v

    The product was received, corresponds to the description, I take it not for the first time, people like it, I recommend to buy. To the seller, thank you.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  7. C***c

    We become indebted to.
    I received the product.
    We are very satisfied with no defects.
    Also, if you have the opportunity, thank you.

  8. I***N

    Nice massager. I waited almost 2 months. Corresponds to the description. Well suited for the angle of youth and cheek.

  9. K***u


  10. D***a

    Cool massager)

  11. T***a

    Went about a month 1,5 to Irkutsk, a cool feeling when used, the skin will come alive) massage is good))

  12. I***l


  13. P***a

    Ordered a second for a gift that is nice to give. Very satisfied with the result

  14. I***a

    It came fast.

  15. O***a

    Ordered 26.04 came 07.07 bad, probably somewhere lost. The main thing is that I came. Very good thing! Such a massager is sold at 2000₽ in the shops!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  16. E***a

    With the seller did not communicate, in general it came what is in the picture. I can not say anything yet. I will add feedback later

  17. N***s

    Very good

  18. K***n

    Спасибо,все супер,доставка 3 недели
    no remarkno remark

  19. S***a

    Second time I order. I gave my first Mother. Great thing.
    no remark

  20. G***U

    Nice, thank you seller…

  21. E***o


  22. E***a

    Goods not got, pieniążki were returned.
    no remark

  23. K***k


  24. V***I

    Delivered quickly. Corresponds to the description. Thank you seller! I will cooperate in the future.

  25. A***a

    Delivery is super fast, in appearance, OK! Not yet used
    no remarkno remark

  26. E***a


  27. E***L

    Delivery is long, not tracked. Packing is the simplest. Came without scratches or any artifacts. The roller is very nice in the hand. With his task copes.
    no remarkno remark

  28. R***r

    Very cool thing.
    no remark

  29. G***m

    Excellent massager thank you very much to the seller
    no remark

  30. A***a

    Хороший массажёр , рекомендую

  31. J***k

    Trochę czekałam ale mam! Super podobno do karku !!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  32. R***a

    Крутая вещь. Хорошо массирует овал лица
    no remark

  33. I***d

    thank you .so quickly arrived.

  34. M***a

    Very cool thing
    no remark

  35. V***v

    Super Massager

  36. A***o

    Very privolny massager and cool sensations in the process and after the massage

  37. J***

    I received the message roller in 2 weeks. I’ve been using it for 3 nights now. AMAZING PRODUCT!!!! There’s a difference between using it with a anti-aging serum and Rose hip oil. When I use it with the serum,it doesn’t slide very easily and the massager works better on the face muscles(at least it seems that way by the way they move under it). With the oil(or oily cream) the massager slides easily and it doesn’t put the same pressure on the face muscles. Try both ways to see the difference.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  38. E***a

    This order is already the second, issued for friends. Everyone's happy. Primitive mechanism.

  39. N***s

    Instrumento leve e pequeno, maravilhoso para fazer massagem facial.
    super recomendo!
    no remark

  40. E***e

    доставка быстрая, массажёр лёгкий,в руке лежит удобно, нигде ничего не царапает,со своей функцией справляется. мне нравится. продавцу спасибо,к покупке рекомендую.

  41. N***a

    отличный массажер!

  42. O***a

    товар не получила, но деньги вернули

  43. O***a

    Спасибо продавцу

  44. R***a

    Доставка 2,5 месяца, хороший массажёр
    no remark

  45. R***i


  46. A***a

    Отличный массажёр , но шёл достаточно долго
    no remarkno remark

  47. N***a

    Всё как в описании

  48. N***a

    ну что сказать как и хотела маленький прям для лица. Но захвата щипковый не производит. Массаж не делает. Но вот сама форма очень хороша,но по факту херня. скользит,без царапин. шёл больше месяца прошли все сроки. По почте не отслеживается. Трата денег

  49. E***a

    no remark

  50. M***n

    Отличный массажёр! Пластмассовый, качество очень хорошее!

  51. A***a

    Шел долго , так норс

  52. P***c

    Dobry produkt, zgodny z opisem.

  53. E***a

    заказ шел до Екатеринбурга три (!!!!!) месяца. отправили без трека.

  54. A***A

    Отличный товар! Сделан качественно, приятно держать в руке.
    no remark

  55. L***a

    Отличный массажёр, идеален для массажа овала лица. Теперь буду вечно молодой и красивой))))
    no remarkno remark

  56. R***e

    El artículo está genial. De estética muy bonito, es ligero, no pesa nada y tiene la medida perfecta para manejarlo. Los rodillos se adaptan muy bien al contorno de la cara, y se desliza fácilmente por la superficie sin necesitad de crema o aceite. Lo difícil es la disciplina de acordarse de usarlo regularmente
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  57. J***.

    Produkt zgodny z opisem, przyszedł w idealnym stanie. Kulki obracaja się wokół własnej osi, nie zacinaja się.
    no remarkno remark

  58. S***e


  59. A***a

    Пластиковый, красивый, мне нравится

  60. S***s

    Очень хорошая штука, пришло очень быстро, продавца рекомендую.

  61. R***r

    Классная штука. Пришла очень быстро, недели 2

  62. E***n

    Cool massager, came in 2 weeks.
    no remark

  63. O***a

    Product הכיע very fast, 10 days to Israel. Packed well. Pleasing to the touch. Only התחלתי use ולכח can't tell if the product helpful. Thank you very much, selling precious

  64. M***k

    Seems to be good , I have not tried it yet
    no remark

  65. L***f

    Cute small exactly for the face lift
    no remarkno remark

  66. R***r

    Love them. Cheaper version of these products..but seems the same like in big stores. I see no difference. Awesome!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  67. L***a

    I waited more than 2 months. Not here. Opened the dispute, closed the dispute at the request, they sent again came faster with other parcels (new).
    no remark

  68. N***r

    Very nice product, works well. I am using it for 1 week now and everything is ok 🙂 The product is light, made od plastic and about the palm size. Delivery to Poland took more than 2 months (maybe because COVID situation..) so i was worried, but it finally come 😉
    no remarkno remark

  69. E***k

    very fast delivery (2 weeks). Works great!

  70. S***a

    The massager works. With its functions copes

  71. R***r

    The massager is very light, I think, it does not differ for a long time. The metal in it the cat cried. Went very long, almost 3 months. Well, in principle, all at a price (153 rubles). So far, I'm happy with the purchase (i took it as a joint to the main gift). Seller recommend

  72. T***a

    Good small for facial massage.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  73. E***a

    The massager is decent. Recommend

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