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Ships from Hong Kong. These nail art decoration stickers are very smart and beautiful. They are easy to clean and convenient to use, great for both professional and home use. Design your own nail art, make your finger nails colorful and beautiful, don’t hesitate, you’re worth it. (Instructions: 1, Manicured fingernails. 2, Cut the stickers you want, remove the protective film and put them into the water for 10-20 seconds. 3, Make your nail wet and put the stickers on it. If you want to adjust the position, you can drop some water on your nail. 4, To dry your nails with tissue. 5, When you finish all steps, you can brush a layer of nail polish or do some other decoration.) Water decal nail art transfers. Very easy to apply and remove. Great for both professional and home use. Can be used to design your own nail art , nail patterns, highlight, etcmake your finger nail colorful and beautiful. Package includes: 10 pieces.
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