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Allergy, sinus & asthma

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Bankoro NoniBankoro AKA: Bankuru, Bankuro, Morinda littoralis Blanco, noni, morinda, Indian mulberry, hog apple, canary wood
Latin Name: Morinda citrifolia
Local names: Apatot (Ilk.); apatot-nga-basit (Ilk.); bangkudo (Bis., Tag.); bangkuro (C. Bis.); bankoro (Tag., Mag.); bankuro (Tagb.); bankuru (Tag.); galongog (Sub.); lino (Bis., Tag.); nino (Sul., Tag., Bis.); rukurok (Kuy.); taeng-aso (Tag.); tumbong-aso (Tag.); Indian mulberry (Engl.).
Bankoro is found chiefly along or near the seashore throughout the Philippines. It also occurs in India to Polynesia.

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Below are the products from the “Allergy, sinus & asthma” category

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