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No more US foreign aid without reciprocation – Invest in immigration

Us Aid

America is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The people of the United States of America. The health, welfare and security of its citizens and residents must come first and not other nations.

The elderly of the USA must have assisted care from the government. It was their blood, sweat and tears that brought prosperity and security to this country.

The veterans must not be ignored. They protected this country from foreign invasion.

The homeless must be attended to. There is no excuse for the US government to allow homelessness. All the reasons they come up with to explain the crisis are nothing but excuses.

Foreign Aid is one of the biggest problems of America. Helping the needy is indeed important. But the people of America must always come first, then whatever is extra can be allocated for foreign aid.

  1. Foreign US aid without reciprocation must stop. The United States of America is not a charitable institution. Besides the aid does not come from the citizens of the USA. It comes from the political government, wasting the money of the people that should go towards alleviating the needs of the veterans, homeless, the sick, the unemployed and the farmers of america. We need to maintain and strengthen our security in order for us to continue to expand our prosperity.Yes we do need to build alliances with other nations. Alliance does not mean that the USA must do the handouts. Alliance is about balance. Alliance is built by a give and take relationship with respect.Foreign US aid is NOT and obligation. Congress must repeal all
    laws making foreign aid mandatory.The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), must be dismantled and the law revoked. Foreign aid must be on case by case basis only. Aid will only go to countries if they are suffering from catastrophic disasters. Military assistance must never be given unless there is a contractual reciprocal obligation from the other country. If the country refuses, then don’t give it. Let that country come to the USA and ask for help at the right “price”. Alliance must be formed before military aid is given. The alliance must be balanced and never lopsided.Instead of foreign aid, develop the PEACE CORPS program. This program is an advertising program of the USA and it helps train young Americans. This program uplifts the USA. This program allows Americans to showcase America by helping other countries where alliances can grow. It allows young Americans to understand how other countries operate and better understand them. This program is not a handout.

    • Examples of useless foreign aid:
      • The ongoing military aid to Afghanistan. Billions of dollars are spent each year for the last 20 years. What do we get from Afghanistan? Grief and dead military personnel. Soldiers who come back disabled and without proper support.
      • Military aid to Ukraine: Over a billion dollars in assistance to Ukraine without reciprocation. What has Ukraine done for the United States of America? There is no give and take here. Yet this is becoming the biggest scandal in the world (2017-2020). Why? Since when did Military aid or foreign assistance become an obligation? There was no threat to the USA security. If countries want military aid, that country should pay for it. The obligation of the US government is towards its people first.
      • John C. Law, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in the Philippines, said aside from the security and military assistance, about $250 million worth of assistance is regularly given to the country in areas of security, military equipment, and exchange programs, “the US government is also providing the Philippines some $60 to $70 million a year mainly for the conduct of exchange programs”.
        • “For development-type programs, financial assistance was mostly associated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), such as the aquatic resources research that amounts to $100 million a year, plus those activities which are in line with disaster relief and humanitarian assistance,” Law said.
        • “Another financial assistance that is given yearly is intended for law enforcement activities of the Philippine National Police (PNP), which are in line in fighting illegal drugs, smuggling, and strengthening the judicial sector,” Law said.
        • “For these activities, the US government is giving (more or less) $250 million a year,” he reiterated.
          • The Philippines does not reciprocate. Instead of gratitude, the president of the Philippines, Duterte, insults the USA and even accuses the USA of historical injustices and barbarism.
  2. Refugee Assistance: Every prosperous nation has the moral responsibility to assist those who are in need. But this is not an obligation. The obligation of the country is to take care of its citizens and residents first.
    • Should people be accepted in as refugees from other countries, those refugees must first swear a pledge of allegiance to the assisting country. If they refuse to swear allegiance, then they can stay in the country that they love and suffer while they are in it.
    • There are several examples around the world where refugees were taken in without any pledge of allegiance (USA is one of them), where the refugees become demanding and disrespectful of the laws of the country. The abuse even gets worse when human rights activists support the demands of the refugees without respect of the laws and sometimes putting their demands above the rights of citizens and legal residences. A simple pledge of allegiance before accepting them in would have solved all the problems. Because this gives them an obligation to respect and participate, otherwise they can be sent back where they came from without violation and repercussions from “liberals”.
      • The idea of micro-chipping (with gps locator in deep muscle) the asylum seekers or refugees must not be dismissed, and keeping this micro-chip in for at least three years. If after three years they have proven that they are no longer a financial burden to America, the micro-chip can be removed. Otherwise, they will be deported back to the country they came from.
    • There are many politicians, who seem to think that it is the obligation of USA to provide healthcare to refugees and even as far as suggesting an open border. As mentioned before, it is a moral responsibility to help, but it is not an obligation. Refugees must understand that in order for them to get help, they must pledge an allegiance to the USA. There should be no negotiation to this.
  3. United States Department of State: Headed by the Secretary of State under the executive branch of the US government is one of the biggest culprit in siphoning money out of the country and into foreign lands under the guise of security, maintaining the stability of foreign relations and diplomatic missions. Yes we have to keep our security strong. However, there is no need to bribe other countries with charities that is not reciprocated.

  4. Immigration: Instead of pouring money into foreign aid, invest in immigration. We need workers. Help build the workforce of the U.S.A. Make the vetting process easier. Make it easier for foreigners to come to America as legal immigrants. Reconfigure existing refugee camps into immigrant processing camps and create more so it will be easier for foreigners to escape the bondage of their country. While in these immigration processing camps, they will be vetted. While staying in these camps they will be made to work for a living. No free stuff. They will not be a burden on society. Once vetted they are free to leave the camp. It is not a prison, it is a vetting processing camp. Those who complain are always welcome to leave and go back to their country.

In the fiscal year of 2017 and as a matter of public record, the Total economic and military assistance given by the USA to other countries amounted to $49.87 billion. And the people of the USA did not benefit from this. Only the powerful political parties did.