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abortionTerminating the healthy life of those who have not actually maliciously deprived the life of others is wrong.

If you only perceive that you will be deprived by letting a healthy life live, then negatively act upon it, you are a slave to your vanity and greed. You are selfish. You do not think of the welfare of others but only of yourself. All the excuses that you can come up with will revolve around your greedy choices without ever considering the possible prosperity of the other. You do not care or respect the life of another.

Life is precious. Not just yours. We all have our freedom of choice to do what we want to do. This is one of the most precious gift from God: FREEWILL. But we must exercise this freewill without ever violating the rights of others. We must always consider PRUDENCE.

The government under whose umbrella of authority and law that you live in may declare that abortion is illegal. Or it may make it illegal to have an abortion after a designated amount of time during pregnancy.

  • If your government makes abortion illegal altogether, then it is your obligation to follow the law.
  • If your government makes abortion within a designated pregnancy period legal, then you must make your decision to have an abortion within that time frame.
  • If your government provides conditions for legal abortion because of the following reasons:
    1. You have been raped. You did not entice it. You were maliciously deprived. You must exercise this right within the legal time frame given by government.
    2. The fetus is deformed and most likely won’t survive per doctor’s diagnosis.
    3. Per recognized doctor’s advice, the pregnant woman will most likely die if pregnancy continues.
Other than the above reasons, abortion is done because of vanity and/or greed.

On the issue of FUNDING

  • It is your human right to make choices. Nobody has the right to take this away from you. Yes it is your choice!
  • But should it be the burden of the government to pay for your vanity abortion? Should the government mandate insurance companies to pay for abortions?
  • Vanity abortions (not within the 3 conditions) must be paid out of pocket by the pregnant woman, her guardians or benefactors and face the consequences under law.

The consequences of pregnancy

Unintended or unplanned pregnancy can create adverse consequences to a person, partner, family or social status of everybody involved or related.

  • Financial consequence: Adding the cost of the pregnancy plus supporting another life can devastate the financial stability of an individual. The easy solution is abortion.
  • Shame in the family. Loss in family status. The easy solution is abortion.
  • Relationship: The partner does not want the pregnancy and will terminate the relationship if the pregnancy continues. The easy solution is abortion.
  • Social life is definitely affected. Going out with friends and partying will be a thing of the past. The easy solution is abortion.
  • Job sustainability. Depending on work relationship, pregnancy may end this opportunity. The easy solution is abortion.
  • Vanity: All the negatives that goes along with pregnancy take its toll on the beautiful body. The easy solution is abortion.

Think of the alternative. Think about adoption. Save a life. Remember, if the pregnancy was not your decision and health is the issue, then talk to your friends, your family and see your doctor. But if it is your irresponsible decision (mistake) that puts you in the situation that you are in now then do not take the easy way out. Put your fears, anxiety, shame and vanity aside and accept humility. Be responsible.

Do not hitch on to this freight train of bad decision that may or may not forever scar you with guilt and regret.